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The young vibraphone and marimba player Diximus Andrei Voica started his piano studies at the age of 7 in his home town, Sighișoara. Soon, his attention was captivated by the rich timbre of vibraphone and marimba.

At the age of 12 he started percussion studies at Cluj-Napoca High School of Music where he focused more on Jazz and alongside his classical training, he began to quicly draw attention to himself because of his talent for adaptation and improvisation. In 2011 Andrei graduated High School in Timisoara at National College of Arts „Ion Vidu“, where he transferred in 2008 and in 2015 he graduated the University of Music in Timisoara.

During this time, the 22-year-old Diximus Andrei Voica has written several compositions for various ensembles. He won numerous prizes in national and international competitions including Adams prize. Andrei was a member of the percussion ensembles “Splash” and “Percutissimo” alongside which he performed many concerts.

His first experience as an orchestra soloist was in 2010 when he performed Concerto for marimba and orchestra No.1 by Ney Rosauro, concerts which were held at the “Romanian Athenaeum” and “Banatul” Philharmonic. He also performed Concerto for vibraphone and orchestra by Ney Rosauro as a soloist with percussion ensemble “Percutissimo” at the “Banatul” Philharmonic.

In December 2014 he took part in the “Christmas dreams from ViennaNetherlands tour as a soloist. The tour came to a grand finale with a concert in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

This year Andrei started working with the “National Theatre of Timişoara” where he became part of its best-selling show “Maria de Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzolla.

In May 2015 Andrei performed as a soloist in Ukraine with INSO Lviv. In October 2015 he performed in a new Netherlands tour organized by Cadenza European Art Productions, alongside a group of percussionists from Romania.

The world premiere of his composition “Homeland” for vibraphone,choir and orchestra, took place in November 2015 in the Concertgebow, Amsterdam. Andrei ended the year of 2015 with a tour in The Netherlands as a vibraphone soloist.

In November 2017 he had the world premiere tour of his composition “The Bridge” for vibraphone, choir and orchestra in Ukraine and The Netherlands.

Also in this year he released a new CD “Roots” , album based on conection with the soul, the universe and the nature.

Currently Andrei is focused on music composition, his style being heavily influenced by nature, universe and meditative music; his intention as an artist is that of reconnecting people to the nature of the universe.


Diximus Andrei Voica vibraphone marimba universe nature
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Diximus Andrei Voica

Daniela Tulai Depner – Vocal

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Through me the universe is passing on positive vibrations, love is radiating through every sound I play.

Writing music comes from within: it’s like taking a walk in a breathing, green forest, searching for the ultimate truth.

Through my music I’m expressing my love and appreciation for the universe and all that’s surrounding me.

My style is heavily influenced by nature, universe and meditative music: my intention as an artist is that of reconnecting people to the core of the universe.

The album “Roots” is based on music coming from deep inside my soul, deep feelings. The inspiration of this album is the beautiful nature and the strong power of the universe, and the intention of this music is to create a piece of heaven in the eart of the people who listen to it, and these people to give this positive energy forward to their dear ones.